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Trauma-Informed Care in
Child Health Systems

Community Resources for Pediatricians

SchoolTalk is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., with a dedicated mission to address intricate issues affecting underprivileged young individuals and the educational systems that serve them. This organization actively supports the Washington, D.C. education community by collaboratively tackling complex challenges and generating practical solutions to help young people of all abilities achieve success. SchoolTalk’s initiatives focus on enhancing the prospects of postsecondary success for young individuals..

This organization implements its theory of change through two primary programs: RestorativeDC and InclusiveDC. RestorativeDC delivers technical assistance, coaching, and training services to individuals and schools. With a comprehensive, school-wide approach, RestorativeDC offers in-depth and collaborative support and coaching spanning three to five years for schools committed to integrating restorative justice into their overall philosophy and school culture. On an individual level, RestorativeDC provides activities that focus on shifting mindsets, developing skills and practices, and coaching individuals on applying these skills in specific school situations.

On the other hand, InclusiveDC focuses on working with youth with disabilities and their peers in D.C. ‘s schools, community organizations, and youth-serving systems. This initiative aims to identify and bridge opportunity gaps for youth through two main programs: Arts to Advocacy (A2A) and College & Career Readiness (CCR).

Course Resources for Clinicians

PATTeR Courses

The Pediatric Approach to Trauma, Treatment and Resilience (PATTeR) video case vignette series

Education was done through the AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO

New Online Course: Trauma-Informed Care and Resilience Promotion


This video-based series aims to empower pediatricians and healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement evidence-based, trauma-informed care and resilience promotion in their everyday practice. CME and MOC credit available for this course.

Pedialink Course

Infographics for Clinics and Parents

Infographics: For Clinicians
Moving Beyond ACE Scores

Infographics: For Parents
The Three R’s

Infographics: For Parents
Parenting a Child that has experienced Trauma

Resources for Families

Safe and Sound


Helping Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and Adversity

A series of resources designed to help children who have experienced trauma and adversity, by helping their parents, caregivers, and other adults in their lives understand how that early trauma may have affected them.

Parenting After Trauma