Spring Symposium

The Built Environment and Its Impact on Children’s Health

Heldon April 25th at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. The event included a keynote address by Janet Phoenix, MD, MPH, MS, an assistant research professor at the George Washington Milken Institute School of Public Health. The Chapter has previously partnered with Dr. Phoenix on a virtual town hall on lead in DC’s water supply and with 50 organizations on a “Campaign to Reduce Lead Exposure and Asthma.”

An advocacy panel followed the keynote presentation led by Bethany Carlos, MD, MPH, of Children’s National and included representatives from Empower DC, The Children’s Law Center, The Georgetown Law Center’s Health Justice Alliance Law Clinic, and an Area Neighborhood Commissioner representing residents near Buzzard Point in DC. The panelists shared examples of how pediatric health care providers can offer referrals and resources to residents of DC.

Neelima Tummala, MD, also of George Washington University, closed the program with a call to action and provided examples of how she has become active on environmental health issues in the DMV. A downloadable contact sheet on how to reach DC Councilmembers and additional resources were offered to the attendees.

American Academy of Pediatrics, DC Chapter

  • Advocacy Committee – Contact: mmagyar@childrensnational.org to be added to our Google Group and to receive notifications on advocacy opportunities.

Children’s Law Center Resources

State-Specific Physician Resources

    Sustainability Resources

    • Practice Greenhealth – Membership and networking organization for sustainable health care, and delivering environmental solutions to hospital and health systems in the U.S.
    • Health Care Without Harm – A movement that works to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.

      NAACP –DC Branch Campaign

      To Reduce Lead Exposure & Childhood Asthma Contact: William Washburn, Email

      Twice By The Age of Two

      Dept. of Energy and the Environment and Am. Academy of Pediatrics: Website

      Lead Emergency Action for the District

      Contact: Paul Schwartz, Email

      Phil Mendelson

      • Email: pmendelson@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8032
      • Facebook: Chairman Phil Mendelson
      • Twitter: @ChmnMendelson
      • Instagram: @ChairmanPhilMendelson

      Chair Pro Tempore: At-Larger
      Kenyan R. McDuffie

      • Email: kmcduffie@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-7772
      • Facebook: Kenyan R. McDuffie
      • Twitter: @CM_McDuffie
      • Instagram: @CM_McDuffie

      At-Large Councilmember
      Anita Bonds

      • Email: abonds@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8064
      • Facebook: Anita Bonds
      • Twitter: @AnitaBondsDC
      • Instagram: @AnitaBondsDC

      At-Large Councilmember
      Christina Henderson

      • Email: chenderson@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8105
      • Facebook: Councilmember Christina Henderson
      • Twitter: @CMCHenderson
      • Instagram: @christinahendersondc

      At-Large Councilmember
      Robert C. White, Jr.

      • Email: rwhite@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202)-724-8174
      • Facebook: Robert White At Large
      • Twitter: @CMRobertWhiteDC
      • Instagram: @councilmember_robertwhite

      Ward 1 Councilmember
      Brianne K. Nadeau

      • Email: bnadeau@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8181
      • Facebook: Brianne Nadeau
      • Twitter: @BrianneKNadeau
      • Instagram: @BrianneKNadeau

      Ward 2 Councilmember
      Brooke Pinto

      • Email: bpinto@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8058
      • Facebook: DC Councilmember Brooke Pinto
      • Twitter: @CMBrookePinto
      • Instagram: @CMBrookePinto

      Ward 3 Councilmember
      Matthew Frumin

      • Email: mfrumin@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8062
      • Facebook: Councilmember Matt Frumin
      • Twitter: @MatthewFrumin
      • Instagram: @cmfrumin

      Ward 4 Councilmember Janeese
      Lewis George

      • Email: jlewisgeorge@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone:  (202) 724-8052
      • Facebook: Councilmember Janeese Lewis George
      • Twitter: @CMLewisGeorgeW4
      • Instagram: :@CMLewisGeorgeW4

      Ward 5 Councilmember
      Zachary Parker

      • Email: zparker@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8028
      • Facebook: Councilmemeber Zachary Parker
      • Twitter: @ZacharyforWard5
      • Instagram: @ZacharyforWard5

      Ward 6 Councilmember
      Charles Allen

      • Email: callen@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202)724-8072
      • Facebook: Charles Allen
      • Twitter: @charlesallen
      • Instagram: @cmcharlesallen

      Ward 7 Councilmember
      Vincent C. Gray

      • Email: vgray@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202) 724-8068
      • Facebook: Vincent C. Gray
      • Twitter: @VinceGrayWard7
      • Instagram: @cmvince.gray

      Ward 8 Councilmember
      Trayon White, Sr.

      • Email: twhite@dccouncil.gov
      • Phone: (202)724-8045
      • Facebook: Trayon White
      • Twitter: @trayonwhite
      • Instagram: @trayonwhiteFederal:

      Eleanor Holmes Norton

      • Email: www.norton.house.gov/contact/email-me
      • Phone: (202) 408-9041
      • Facebook: Eleanor Holmes Norton
      • Twitter: @EleanorNorton
      • Instagram: @congresswomannorton
      • Youtube: EleanorHNorton

      If you would like to become more active on environmental health issues or in the Chapter’s advocacy initiatives, you can sign up to be added to a Google group for notices on activities by the chapter. For more information, please email the executive director or Advocacy Committee chair for more information.