How Do I Claim My FindHelp Program?

To track referrals made to your programs (other organizations can refer to you and you can track all referrals made to you) – Claim Your FindHelp Program 


This section shows how to claim your program in FindHelp to use the functions offered through the platformA printable version of claiming your program and other functions through the FindHelp platform can be accessed.

Claiming Your Program

  • Go to
  • Enter the name of your program or organization, then click “Search”
  • Select the program(s) you’d like to claim and click the “Claim” button
  • Create an account by entering your name, work email, and password

Using Program Tools for your Program

Once you’re logged into your account, navigate to the top right corner and locate “My Program Tools.” This menu is your central navigation. You have access to all your tools, reporting, and editing capabilities from here. Educational 8 min Video on Claiming Your Program and Other Functions  Video