Sage Polanco

Undergraduate at George Washington University double majoring in Political Science and International Affairs with a concentration in Conflicts Resolution. She is originally from Los Angeles California. Fun Fact: She has been to more countries than her age, she has been to 26 countries, but is only 20 years old.

Hollie Storie

Hollie Storie is 2017 Master of Public Health Leadership candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For over 8 years, Hollie has served as Director of Prevention Services at Western Youth Network, Inc., a non-profit agency serving youth and families in Western North Carolina. Hollie offers experience in the areas of substance use prevention, grassroots community organizing, and coalition building.  

In recent years, Hollie has successfully managed a community-based coalition funded through the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Drug-Free Communities Support Program. Through the coalition, Hollie leads stakeholders in the execution of evidence-based prevention frameworks underpinned by competencies in individual care, population-level interventions, policy advocacy, and systems-level change.  Since the project’s inception, community youth substance use rates have dropped significantly.

In 2015, Hollie was the recipient of the Hometown Heroes: Helping Hands Award, where she was recognized for her contributions to serving youth and families, and was regarded as a coalition leader who is both data-driven and future-oriented.  

Hollie is passionate about prevention, community health, and related public health policy and is committed to promoting healthy, thriving communities. 

Hollie is a native of Boone, North Carolina.