The DC AAP Advocacy Committee is seeking chapter members to become involved in the chapter’s advocacy efforts. As child health providers, pediatricians are excellent advocates for kids. Our DC AAP Advocacy team includes medical students, residents, fellows, and attending physicians – all with varying levels of advocacy experience. The only requirement is a passion about making a difference in the lives of children and improving child health outcomes in our community. If you are interested in advocacy and would like to help us educate local and national legislators on important child health issues, we invite you to become a DC AAP Advocacy Key Contact. Recently, our members have been involved with advocacy and testimony on topics including lead poisoning prevention, electronic cigarettes, school attendance, school nurse coverage, teen pregnancy, book programs for children, and access to contraceptives, among many others.

As DC AAP Chapter pediatricians, we have the unique opportunity to participate in Capitol Hill visits and provide local testimony at DC City Council Hearings. It is often a straightforward “ask” for Congress or Councilmember staff to support legislation or policy that will improve the health and safety of children. DC AAP Members who have participated in our advocacy efforts have described their experiences positively …” the Councilmembers were genuinely interested, and thanked us for bringing these issues to their attention,” “it was a great learning experience,” and “I was happy to get involved.”

As physicians, we see opportunities to fix or improve child health issues. Living in the Nation’s Capital, we have the unique ability to influence policy and legislation that affects our patients and patient populations. If you are interested in becoming involved in DC AAP advocacy efforts, please email Lenore Jarvis, Advocacy Committee Chairperson at LJarvis@childrensnational.org and the DC AAP office at admin@aapdc.org. Please provide your name, preferred e-mail address, any specific child health issue(s) about which you have particular expertise and/or strong interest, and whether you are interested in testifying at DC Council hearings. We look forward to expanding our advocacy team and welcome your participation.