The DC Immunization Registry (DoCIIS) algorithm has been changed to be entirely consistent with the ACIP recommendations. It now flags children as due the day they enter the recommended age/interval for a dose and then overdue on the day after exiting the recommended age/interval. Previously, there was inconsistency among the vaccinations in the timing of when the algorithm flagged children as overdue with some being labelled as overdue at points within the range of the recommended age/interval.

As a reminder, the DC Immunization Registry, now called DoCIIS (District of Columbia Immunization Information System)), is located online at: A DoCIIS password reset can now be requested in two ways: 1) by calling DoCIIS at 202-576-9301—the phone will be answered by a live person who can reset your password; or 2) by going to the DOH DoCIIS homepage: and then clicking the link “DOCIIS (Registry) Password Reset Request.” You must know your registry username to request a reset online.

For healthcare providers who have never had a registry login and password, to gain access to DoCIIS, prospective users must first view a ~30-minute, self-paced, online module “DoCIIS 100: The Basics,” and pass a quiz. The easiest way to find the module is to google “DocIIS100: The Basics.” Click the link to get to the webpage and then click “enroll” in the top right corner).

To encourage discussion with providers about the risks/benefits of HPV vaccination, HPV vaccine exemption forms will no longer be sent out with the school packets to students. They must be downloaded from the DOH website. Also, parents must now complete the exemption form annually.